Environmental Risk Management

QBE is a signatory to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a not-for-profit organisation which works with thousands of companies and institutional investors around the world. CDP works to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect our natural resources.

Each year the CDP Secretariat issues a questionnaire to the world's largest companies by market capitalisation, to identify the views of company management on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change, an assessment of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting and corporate governance, with regards to climate change.

Over 5,000 organisations, including 81% of the world's top 500 corporations, now measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, water management and climate change strategies through CDP, in order that they can set reduction targets and make performance improvements. 722 investors representing US$87 trillion (more than half the world’s invested capital) request corporate climate data through CDP.

QBE Group's response to the latest CDP questionnaire, CDP 2015, is available below. For more information on CDP please click here.