In order to attract, motivate and retain the best people, we understand that it is important to have a workplace that is responsive to the professional and personal needs of our employees.

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Working at QBE

QBE believes the ability and potential of our people should be realised through their employment with us.

We are committed to helping our people reach their full potential, for the benefit of themselves and QBE, and being rewarded for their performance.

Our vision supports a workplace where our people are open minded, empowered and always strive for an excellent outcome.

We are flexible and pragmatic in the way we allow our people to get things done.

QBE embraces diversity and teamwork among our employees. We have set ourselves a number of objectives, detailed in our Diversity & Inclusion Policy, to ensure diversity and inclusion are integral to the culture of QBE.

Our global flexible working policy and parental leave transition programs are designed to help our employees balance their professional and personal lives.

As a global insurer that seeks to share best practice across its divisions, we have a highly mobile workforce.

We offer a range of programmes to support the development of our employees. QBE has invested in a range of leadership programmes in order to develop a team of world-class leaders.

QBE supports the career aspirations of all of its employees through a performance management process. We also have a well resourced personal development planning process that identifies and supports the current and future needs of our people.

Our global business model is designed to develop world-class talent and leadership, which we believe is vital for our future success.

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