QBE pays cash dividends to shareholders resident in Australia and New Zealand by direct credit. Shareholders in other countries will receive cheque payments in Australian dollars.

Shareholders receive a dividend statement for tax records, either by post or by email, depending on the selected communications option.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan and Bonus Share Plan

Eligible shareholders can participate in QBE's Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) and Bonus Share Plan (BSP) when the plans are active.  The DRP enables shareholders to subscribe for additional shares. The BSP is a bonus share plan whereby the dividend entitlement is foregone for bonus shares in lieu of the dividend.


QBE shareholders who hold a minimum of 100 shares per registered holding at each dividend record date and have a registered address in Australia, New Zealand or reside in any other jurisdiction in which QBE is satisfied that it is lawful and practicable for that shareholder to participate in the DRP or BSP are eligible shareholders.


At present, a shareholder who is recorded in QBE’s share register as having an address in either the USA (or its territories) or Canada (or its territories) is not an eligible shareholder.

If any shares are held by a person (nominee) who is recorded in QBE’s share register as having an address in either Australia or New Zealand on behalf of another person (beneficial owner) and the beneficial owner resides in and would, if registered as a shareholder, be recorded in QBE’s share register as having an address in the USA (or its territories) or Canada (or its territories), then neither the nominee nor the beneficial owner is an eligible shareholder.


Application forms for both the BSP and the DRP must be received by the Company's share registry, Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited, by 5:00pm on the relevant dividend record date.

Participants may change their election to participate in the DRP or BSP at any time. This  must be received by 5:00pm on the first business day following the relevant dividend record date.

Dividend reinvestment plan booklet 
Bonus share plan booklet 
Common features of DRP/BSP
QBE DRP and BSP patricipation form

Log on to Computershare's Investor Centre to provide and/or update your:

  • Direct credit details

Dividend payment history

Period end Date declared Cents per share Ex date Record date Payment date DRP/BSP price Franking level
30-Jun-14 19-Aug-14 15 cents 27-Aug-14 29-Aug-14 23-Sep-14 A$11.52 100%
31-Dec-13 25-Feb-14 12 cents 6-Mar-14 13-Mar-14 31-Mar-14 A$12.52 100%
30-Jun-13 20-Aug-13 20 cents 27-Aug-13 2-Sep-13 23-Sep-13 A$15.10 100%
31 Dec 12  26-Feb-13 10 cents 4-Mar-13 8-Mar-13 28-Mar-13 A$13.55 100%
30-Jun-12 17-Aug-12 40 cents 24-Aug-12 30-Aug-12 24-Sep-12 A$12.58 15%
31-Dec-11 28-Feb-12 25 cents 5-Mar-12 9-Mar-12 30-Mar-12 A$12.05 25%
30-Jun-11 19-Aug-11 62 cents 25-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 23-Sep-11 A$13.36 10%
31-Dec-10 28-Feb-11 66 cents 4-Mar-11 10-Mar-11 11-Apr-11 A$16.79 10%
30-Jun-10 19-Aug-10 62 cents 24-Aug-10 30-Aug-10 22 Sep 10  A$16.34 15%
31-Dec-09 26-Feb-10 66 cents 3-Mar-10 10-Mar-10 30-Mar-10 A$20.75 20%
30-Jun-09 20-Aug-09 62 cents 26-Aug-09 1-Sep-09 22-Sep-09 A$21.91 20% 
31-Dec-08 26-Feb-09 65 cents 4-Mar-09 11-Mar-09 31-Mar-09 A$15.98 20%
30-Jun-08 21-Aug-08 61 cents 26-Aug-08 1-Sep-08 17-Sep-08 A$23.43 20%
31-Dec-07 26-Feb-08 65 cents 29-Feb-08 6-Mar-08 26-Mar-08 A$21.29 50%
30-Jun-07 20-Aug-07 57 cents 3-Sep-07 10-Sep-07 21-Sep-07 A$33.83 60%
31-Dec-06 23-Feb-07 55 cents 7-Mar-07 14-Mar-07 2-Apr-07 A$30.90 60%
30-Jun-06 16-Aug-06 40 cents 28-Aug-06 1-Sep-06 14-Sep-06 N/A 60%
31-Dec-05 23-Feb-06 38 cents 6-Mar-06 10-Mar-06 29-Mar-06 A$20.44 50%
30-Jun-05 17-Aug-05 33 cents 23-Aug-05 29-Aug-05 16-Sep-05 A$16.47 50%
31-Dec-04 24-Feb-05 30 cents 1-Mar-05 7-Mar-05 23-Mar-05 A$14.65 50%
30-Jun-04 18-Aug-04 24 cents 24-Aug-04 30-Aug-04 20-Sep-04 A$12.20 50%
31-Dec-03 25-Feb-04 22 cents 2-Mar-04 9-Mar-04 25-Mar-04 A$10.99 30%
30-Jun-03 19-Aug-03 20 cents 26-Aug-03 1-Sep-03 25-Sep-03 A$9.60 15%
31-Dec-02 6-Mar-03 18.5 cents 13-Mar-03 19-Mar-03 11-Apr-03 A$7.96 12%
30-Jun-02 28-Aug-02 16.5 cents 9-Sep-02 13-Sep-02 3-Oct-02 A$6.92 12%
31-Dec-01 13-Mar-02 13.5 cents 19-Mar-02 25-Mar-02 12-Apr-02 A$6.92 15%
30-Jun-01 29-Aug-01 16.5 cents 3-Sep-01 7-Sep-01 28-Sep-01 A$10.07 25%
31-Dec-00 14-Mar-01 16 cents 20-Mar-01 26-Mar-01 12-Apr-01 A$10.07 30%
30-Jun-00 30-Aug-00 15 cents 5-Sep-00 11-Sep-00 29-Sep-00 A$8.36 35%
31-Dec-99 29-Feb-00 14 cents 6-Mar-00 10-Mar-00 31-Mar-00 A$6.84 10%
30-Jun-99 1-Sep-99 18.5 cents 6-Sep-99 10-Sep-99 1-Oct-99 A$5.54 50%
31-Dec-98 22-Feb-99 8.5 cents 1-Mar-99 5-Mar-99 26-Mar-99 A$6.00 50%
30-Jun-98 2-Sep-98 18 cents 7-Sep-98 15-Sep-98 2-Oct-98 A$5.98 50%
31-Dec-97 24-Feb-98 8 cents 2-Mar-98 11-Mar-98 1-Apr-98 A$5.97 50%
30-Jun-97 1-Sep-97 20 cents 8-Sep-97 16-Sep-97 30-Sep-97 A$7.81 50%
31-Dec-96 24-Feb-97 9 cents 27-Feb-97 7-Mar-97 4-Apr-97 A$6.18 50%
30-Jun-96 2-Sep-96 17 cents 24-Sep-96 2-Oct-96 30-Oct-96 A$6.48 50%